How can you use your broadband?


ADSL Broadband for the Home User •NTLhell Broadband ADSL includes a choice of bandwidth and configuration options. This means that there is now a service to match the web design UK differing needs of individual businesses.
•Saves you time – lets you download files at up to 60Mbps and upload at up to 8Mbps.
•This 'always-on' ADSL service can exist on the same connection as a BT phone line, and enables the use of the phone at the same time as connecting to the Internet.
•Easy to install – no need for an engineer visit, simple to set up by yourself.or see list of other broadband suppliers

Now Available fibre optic briadband with speeds of 200Mbps down and 50Mbps up!

If you are looking to point one or more numbers at your existing landline or mobile phone, for example non-geographic numbers such as 0800 numbers, or virtual local numbers for whichever area code you choose in the UK. These are great for making your business appear to be local in the places you want to do business, or for advertising purposes - using a different number per advertising source to see which source gives you the best value for money.

The best accessories for your smartphone

When we are at home, we will use our broadband services on our smartphones and laptops to connect to Wi-Fi, which will provide us with connection to the internet rather than us using our 3G or 4G on our mobiles.

The latest release from Samsung was the Galaxy S8 Plus, and its ability to connect to a broadband connection is incredible, highlighting that Samsung has definitely upped their game with this phone. Other companies are following the trend of the S8 Plus, and are releasing accessories that really get the best out of the phone. 

The most common accessories for any phone is a phone case. At Wrappz, you can customise it to your style by adding text, colours and photos of your choice. See more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases